Menu plan success

Amazingly, I’ve followed our menu plan exactly all this week!  I’m pretty sure that’s never happened before!  I’ll post some of the recipes for your enjoyment 😉

For the record, the shrimp scampi turned out MUCH better this time- I didn’t overcook the shrimp & cut waaaay back on the lemon, so it was delicious 🙂  One of Cody’s co-workers even said the leftovers smelled good the next day!

Tonight, we’re going to ignore the menu plan, in favor of nachos at the Grand Tree.  Cody says they’re really good nachos… I don’t really remember.  Yes, that was the night I drank more than I ate & (Cody claims) I opened the car door to puke… while Cody was driving. Sooo… hopefully tonight will go better than that!  I haven’t been able to drink very much the last 6 months or so, which is actually a good thing.  My stomach starts hurting almost right away, so I’m blaming the Crohn’s for that.  It’s cheaper though… and now Cody will always have a DD 🙂


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