Grain Free Tortillas

I’m reducing my consumption of grains, dairy, and added sugars, for health reasons. It’s only been about a week, but it’s been a challenge.  It’s forced me to get a little more creative, as you’ll soon see.

I had all the ingredients for chicken enchiladas… but tortillas have corn, which is off my list unless it’s fresh.  So I had to come up with a grain free alternative, which I did.  Cody was actually jealous of my tortillas, because they turned out bigger than the corn tortillas we used for his enchiladas.  I couldn’t really taste the difference, but these might not work great for tacos, unless you bulked them up some.

Grain Free Tortillas

Source unknown (I can’t find the website with the recipe, so please help me out!)

(the bottom 3 tortillas are grain free; the rest are corn tortillas)


  • 3 large eggs
  • 2 tb water
  • 1 tsp cumin (optional)


  • Whisk together all ingredients, until the froth subsides
  • Heat a small, greased skillet until water sizzles on it
  • Pour 2-3 tb of the egg mixture into the pan & move the pan around to coat the whole bottom with egg
  • Cook each side for approx 1 minute, or until done

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