How To Roast Nuts

In my attempt to eat healthier, I found that I didn’t have a good supply of easy snacks.  Raw fruits & veggies are great, but I have a hard time digesting them in larger quantities.  And sometimes I just don’t want to cut up produce- I want something to eat now.

My wonderful physical therapy assistant gave me lots of good ideas, including roasting nuts at home.  I was skeptical (but I looked super positive compared to Cody’s reaction), but they turned out really good.  I can definitely taste the difference in flavor, but Cody claimed he couldn’t tell the difference between the roasted almonds & raw almonds… but when I made him eat one of each in a row, he admitted he could tasted the roasting (of course, that could have just been to shut me up).

Roasted Nuts

from Down To Earth Nutrition


  • Place any type of raw nut in a bowl; cover with water & add a splash of vinegar
  • Let soak for 7 hours
  • Roast at 150 for 12 hours

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